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Posted on: January 19, 2017

Mayor Green Presents Downtown Infrastructure Project to Marion County Legislative Delegation Comm.


Mayor Walter Green did an incredible job presenting the City of Dunnellon's request for Legislative Priority Appropriation (grant) funding before the Marion County Legislative Delegation today to help fund the utility infrastructure improvements in the City's Historical District.  If we are awarded both the $650,000 Community Development Block Grant Funding and this State Appropriation Funding it will be a major accomplishment toward the City's goal to improve utilities that date back to 1910 in this area.  The return on this investment will reduce water loss, which leads to less acquifer withdrawal, minimized exfiltration lowers nutrient levels, increased protection of the Florida aquifer and improved water quality within the springshed! Many thanks to Vice-Mayor Rick Hancock for assisting me and City consultants this week in document preparation and planning the presentation. Mayor Green's enthusiastic presentation style, thorough knowledge of Dunnellon and sense of humor was very well received by Representative Charlie Stone, Senator Dennis Baxley, Senator Rob Bradley, Representative Don Hahnfeldt and Representative Stan McClain who all responded postively.  Sentator Bradley and Representative Stone were especially vocal and very interested, offering their assistance in seeing this request to fruition.  Mayor Walter Green and Vice-Mayor Rick Hancock spent all day at this meeting making an impression and representing Dunnellon residents well.  These gentlemen, along with the rest of the Dunnellon City Council (Chuck Dillon, Larry Winkler and Valerie Porter Hanchar) are working extremely hard on your behalf!!  Be sure to thank them and let them know you are proud of these five volunteers who have dedicated themselves to helping improve the quality of life in Dunnellon for all of us!!

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