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Posted on: September 12, 2017


20750 River Drive
Dunnellon, FL 34431

As a result of Hurricane Irma the City of Dunnellon still has some areas such as Blue Cove Subdivision without power.  We have not received an estimated time that service will be restored.  However, they are visibly working in the Dunnellon area to restore service as soon as possible. 

Rio Vista Subdivision customers are the only users of the City of Dunnellon water system that were affected by an interruption of water service and under a mandatory boil water notice until advised otherwise.  The areas of Rolling Hills Apartments and Rainbow Springs still do not have power and their utility service is being supported by generators where possible and customers are encouraged to be cautious and refrain from using the services as much as possible until power is restored so not to cause backup of the sewer system.  Those residents in Blue Cove that depend on grinder pumps for your sewer service should not experience any issues if you are utilizing a generator as a temporary power source. 

All  City  of  Dunnellon residents are reminded that City Ordinance 30-41(d) regulates burning of yard  trash  (Storm debris)  and  a  permit  is required  from  the City Fire Department.  However, because of wind conditions and the amount of storm debris it is recommended that you DO NOT burn your yard trash. 

Waste Management has determined that it will resume regular household garbage collection for the City of Dunnellon on Friday, September 15, 2017.

Storm debris will not be picked up by Waste Management at this time.  However, Waste Management will pick up your regular yard waste  on Thursday, September 14, 2017 until they reach capacity and will return the following Wednesday resuming their normal pickup schedule.  Remember there are requirements that must be met for Waste Management to pick up your normal yard waste.  Loose debris (leaves, etc.) must be bagged not to exceed 50 lbs., limbs must be no longer than four feet and six inches in diameter.  Do not build up large piles.  Maximum pickup is 2 yards per visit. 

The City of Dunnellon is attempting to coordinate pickup of the large storm debris through a third- party collector under FEMA rules and regulations to qualify for assistance.  Therefore, we please ask for your patience as we work to implement this service.  We ask that you please make sure that your storm debris is not piled up in the street, and that you place it in front of your residence in the city right of way and please do not to block the sidewalks or storm drains.  Do not place your storm debris on vacant lots or properties other than your own.  If you have any questions with respect to storm debris, please contact public services at 352-465-8590.

Posted to the City's website: 9/12/2017

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