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Utilities / Water & Sewer
The Water and Sewer Division encompasses the utility billing office and the
operations and maintenance office. Utility billing is responsible for providing accurate monthly billing and payments for residential and commercial water and sewer accounts throughout the utility service area including the City of Dunnellon, Chatmire (water service only), Juliette Falls, Rio Vista, and Rainbow Springs. The City of Dunnellon Water and Wastewater Utility Master Plan is available here.

Operations and Maintenance (O&M) is responsible for five public water supply treatment plants and four wastewater treatment plants meeting local, state and federal regulations.   O&M is responsible for all main flow lines throughout the water and wastewater systems, producing and submitting all required reporting to state and federal agencies, meter repair and/or replacement, backflow prevention, manholes, fire hydrant flow testing, installation of new service, and underground utility locating.

Reverse 411/Urgent Notifications
Used for updating customer information in the reverse 411 system.

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If you have a complaint or need to request some assistance, please notify us by using our Request Tracker Notification System. You will be able to follow the status of your request until we resolve your problem.

Water Quality/Consumer Confidence Reports (CCR):

2017 CCR City
2017 CCR Juliette Falls
2017 CCR Rainbow Springs
2017 CCR Rio Vista

2016 CCR City
2016 CCR Juliette Falls
2016 CCR Rainbow Springs
2016 CCR Rio Vista

2015 CCR City
2015 CCR Juliette Falls
2015 CCR Rainbow Springs
2015 CCR Rio Vista

2014 CCR City
2014 CCR Juliette Falls
2014 CCR Rainbow Springs
2014 CCR Rio Vista

PhaseIII Aerial
Richard Grabbe
Utilities Supervisor
11924 Bostick St.
Dunnellon, Florida 34432

Ph: (352) 465-8590
Fx: (352) 465-8592

(Phones answered 24 hours for emergencies)
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