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City Council
City Councilmembers
The City of Dunnellon operates with a board consisting of five city councilmembers, who are elected to staggered four-year terms. One of the five councilmembers is elected as mayor. The city councilmembers represent all city residents as they are not elected to districts. The councilmembers are ultimately responsible for the citizens of Dunnellon. The council performs such duties as passing the city's fiscal budget, setting the millage rate, passing the ordinances and resolutions, and appointing a chief administrative officer, known as the city manager. The council elects one of its members to serve as vice mayor on an annual basis.

City Administrator
The city administrator is responsible to the City Council for the proper administration of all affairs of the City Council.
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Dunnellon City Council:

Contact Term Ends
Dale Burns, Mayor
Seat One
November 2020
William P. White
Seat Two  Email November 2022
Anita Williams
Seat Three
Email November 2022
Valerie Hanchar, Vice-Mayor
Seat Four
Email November 2022
Linda Fernandez Seat Five
Email November 2020

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