Contractor Registration

Contractor Registration Requirements



Per Florida Statue Title XXXII, Chapter 489, the City of Dunnellon Building Department will no longer require contractor registration and related fees for State Certified Contractors only.

Permitting will still require:

  1. Validation of State license.
  2. Proof of Workers' Compensation and Liability insurance.
  3. State Issued Workers' Compensation Exemption Certificate (if applicable).
  4. Validation that the contractor is working within the scope of his license.
  5. Legible copy of current driver's license for identification purposes.

All contractor documentation, including certificates of insurance, must be emailed to or faxed to (352) 465-8505 for electronic filing. Please notify your insurance agent accordingly. The building department will no longer manage certificates of insurance or state license copies received by regular mail unless included with a permit application package. All renewals must be emailed or faxed.

All persons conducting business in the City of Dunnellon who are not state certified contractors are required to pay a fee to obtain and maintain a Local Business Tax Receipt (BTR).