River Rules

Rules of the River

It is your responsibility to abide by the laws of Florida waters, including the Rainbow and Withlacoochee Rivers. All laws are enforced by the Dunnellon Police Department, Marion County Sheriff's Department and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) 

Did you know -

Persons younger than 22 who operate a boat powered with a 10-horsepower or more motor must carry photographic identification and either a Florida Boating Safety Education Identification Card or Florida Boater Education Temporary Certificate from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Taking any type of alcohol or disposables on the Rainbow River is prohibited by law. Acceptable containers include Tupperware, Rubbermaid or a thermos. Unlawful containers include: paper sacks, boxes, plastic water bottles, aluminum cans, breakable plastic utensils, paper napkins and towels.

It is illegal in Florida to operate a boat while impaired by alcohol and other drugs

For a complete list of rules while on the river system from Tubers to Boaters, follow this link and get answers to all your questions.

Rainbow River Rules:

Alcohol is not permitted.

Coolers are subject to search.

Disposable containers (such as cans, plastics, glass, plastic foam or paper) are not permitted on the

Rainbow River, items must be in reusable containers.

Littering is prohibited

Divers and snorkelers are required to float a "diver-down" flag.

The entire Rainbow River is a designated "Idle Speed/No Wake" zone.

The main springs are protected. Motorized vessels, anchoring, diving and fishing are not permitted beyond the marker buoy.

Exiting the Rainbow River at any point except the Tuber's Exit (also known as Blue Run of Dunnellon

Park off Pennsylvania Avenue) is considered unlawful trespassing and violators may be subject to arrest.