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Contractor Information Form

    All contractors that are not state certifed are required to register with the City of Dunnellon prior to the issuance of building permits. Contractor Registrations may be processed concurrently with building permit applications, and the fee for non-state certified contractors is $20 per Fiscal Year, October 1 - Sep 30. Fee is reduced to $10 after April 1.

    IMPORTANT NOTICE EFFECTIVE: JULY 1, 2016 Per House Bill 535, City of Dunnellon Building Department will no longer require contractor registration and related fees for State Certified Contractors only.
  2. Required Documents for all permitting:
    Validation of State License
    Proof of Liability and Workers' Compensation Insurance
    State Issued Workers' Comp Exemption Certificate (if applicable)
    Legible copy of current driver's license for identification purposes
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